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Affiliate programs offer product users a way to earn additional income through the promotion of products.

Prodigy I.T. Solutions uses and tests many products from third-party providers.

We promise to NEVER endorse a product we are not personally familiar with. That’s just dishonest and wrong!

We understand that you may not be in need of a service we offer. Depending on the nature of your business, it is possible you may be in search of a service we use or have used. If that is the case, we would greatly appreciate you visiting their page using one of the links or banners below. In the case of paid referral programs, using the banners will ensure that we receive credit for your visit and/or purchase. 

Prodigy I.T. Solutions is a Disabled American-owned and operated business. All proceeds from paid affiliate/partner programs go to help Mike and his family in times of incapacity and inability to work. He and his family are extremely grateful for any and all support you can offer.

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