Cyber Monday’s Almost Over… And So Is This Deal!

Don’t miss this opportunity to try out our exclusive Secure Encrypted Email System. In less than 2 hours, the chance to sign up to our Secure Encrypted Email System for only $2.50/month will be gone with Cyber Monday! A thing of yesterday! 

Why Should I Try Your System, When I Have Google Free Of Charge?

Where should we start? 

  1. Secure
  2. Confidential
  3. Your Data Isn’t Sold To Advertisers
  4. We’re a small company, with much faster service
  5. You can get that personalized email address you’ve always wanted, but has always been taken
  6. We offer 24-hour phone, Email, and chat support
  7. Because we actually care about the safety and security of you, your family, and the communications you have with others
  8. Our Secure Encrypted Email System is HIPPA and PCI-compliant
  9. We are fully compatible with all Email clients, regardless of the device you are on, with full SSL encryption
  10. SPF and DMARC implementation, so you can rest easy, knowing your message reached its destination, rather than a spam box

This is just a short list of reasons. Chances are, we probably offer more features than you’ll ever use! For instance, email aliases are awesome! We create aliases for practically everything we sign up for. As soon as a mailbox starts getting flooded with spam, we (or you) just delete the alias! With the click of a couple buttons, spam is gone! 


Always remember that everything comes at a cost. The things that are advertised as free are typically the things that cost the most! In the case of free email service, the cost is your privacy! When you sign up, you agree to allow the provider to read through and sell off your information to advertisers and others connected to their system. What they do with that information from there is anyone’s guess! With the majority of our lives being online today, does it really make sense to trust them with your information? 


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