Happy Thanksgiving 2018!

The Pitch:

 If you’re like us, then you make certain that data security remains a high priority on your list. Sadly, in today’s market, it’s almost impossible to calculate how much of your personal information is sold off or stolen because it’s stored on servers offering “free” services, such as Email, Calendars, and Cloud Storage solutions, like Google and Microsoft. Unfortunately, regardless of what we’re lead to believe, nothing in life is free. Someone, somewhere, is paying for what you think is co charge. Little do we know, more often than not, we’re the ones paying, by allowing our data to be bought and sold! To boot, almost every day you hear about a data leak or security breech in one Internet Giant or another. It really makes one begin to question how much information is actually transmitted appropriately, with all the adequate safeguards in place. The truth will probably scare the daylight out of you! 

 Enter PITS… The PITS Network was founded based on the belief that your information is just that… Your information! It should be kept to you and those you wish to share it with! Plain and simple!

About PITS, Me, and Changes:

 I’m Mike Ward, the founder and president of Prodigy I.T. Solutions. First, I would like to wish you a very happy, healthy, and safe Thanksgiving, as well as throughout the remainder of the 2018 Holiday Season, and beyond! This is the time of year where we all begin humbling ourselves, thinking about all the many things we’re grateful for. This year, I’m evermore grateful for being blessed with the ability to make, and have made, some truly amazing connections throughout my relatively short life. At just shy of 37 years old, I’m extremely honored to be able to say, regardless of whatever endeavor I could found myself venturing into, I am proud to have always managed to link up with the very best in their respective industries! They say most of what we achieve in life boils down to who we know. It is an absolute blessing to connect, interact, and be accepted by craft masters. If my entire life has been this way, it should be little surprise that the same fate would hold true in my latest endeavor.

 The PITS Network is something I began building after close to a decade of dedication to a cause I’ve held near and dear to my heart. Political activism, based on my necessity for high quality Medical Cannabis. It put me on a path towards truth and real Freedom of the Individual. You see, I was a bit of a wild youth, and I didn’t take much care of myself when I was younger. I was living fast and honestly didn’t expect to make it to this point in life! Racing, wrenching, and jamming were all I knew. I was 18 years old, I was quickly rising up the ranks towards Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) and General Motors Master Automotive Technician. I had a brand new 2000 Camaro Z-28 that was running in the mid to low 12’s (which was FAST for a street car at the time. NHRA regulations then required a 6-point roll cage with anything that ran faster than 12.00 in the 1/4 mile), a custom 1953 Oldsmobile Super 88 2-door Holiday Hardtop with a 68 Olds 455 and TH-400 transmission that ran around the same numbers, with wide white wall bias ply tires! And I was burning through rubber like I owned a rubber tree farm! With that kind of lifestyle, drugs and alcohol were around in abundance. Unfortunately, I thought I was invincible, and made it a point to prove I could out-do anyone, at anything. As you can imagine, this mentality had very detrimental effects on my body that were yet to be discovered.

 Diabetics and alcoholics share something in common. Excessive sugar in the blood stream causes a breakdown in one’s nerves over a period of time. It leads to a condition called neuropathy. Over the last 15-20 years, a new condition has emerged in diabetics that causes intractable nausea and vomiting. It’s called diabetic gastroparesis. However, over the last decade or so, they’ve seen a dramatic rise in the amount of cases of idiopathic gastroparesis, also. Meaning they are unaware of the origin. Around mid-2005, I lost my job as an A-Class Master Tech due to my hospitalization frequency. Around 2003, I began having unexplained periodic bouts of chronic nausea and profuse vomiting. These bouts would come on out of nowhere, usually in the early morning hours, and would have me in the hospital, on all kinds of I.V. fluids and medications. The duration of my stay would range from 1-2 weeks and it could be 4-5 weeks from symptom onset before I was well enough to return to work. Only to have it happen all over again 2-3 weeks later. It took several years, countless tests and experimental medication, and an experimental, surgically implanted device before I was given a confirmed diagnosis of diabetic gastroparesis, as evidenced by multiple nuclear gastric empty tests revealing severely delayed gastric emptying. At my worst, up to 65% of my food was left undigested after 4 hours, the standard amount of time typically required for the stomach to empty its entire contents. 

 This condition caused me to retire from the automotive industry in my mid-to-late-twenties. Since then, I have determined that my body can no longer tolerate the stresses of industries that are physically demanding. At the same time, it also caused me to reevaluate my life, which lead to me making some very drastic, and much needed, change! 

Blessings & Connections:

 A few years ago, because of my advocacy for Cannabis, I was blessed with crossing paths with a Mr. Daniel Frieling. He liked some of what I was saying and doing, so he began following me. We clicked, and an amazing friendship quickly developed, though we hadn’t formally met face to face for about 3 years. A little research into Dan will show you he’s rather accomplished. This is the man whom quite literally created something we all use today. Electronic Medical Records. That’s right! He developed the system for IBM, then created a mobile system to be deployed remotely in medical offices and facilities. And that was back in the mid-70’s! As you can imagine, he only excelled from there. You see, Dan comes from a history of inventors and other prominent people. For example, Dan’s brother is an esteemed attorney, and their dad was employed by NASA, before starting his own business in 1964. 

 If I have learned anything, I’ve learned that the old cliches like “You are what you associate with.” and “If you want to know what kind of person you are, take a look at your friends.” ring true every time. Due to different things throughout my life, I tend to keep a very small circle these days. Mostly for my own reasons, but more for the kind of security which prompted me to create PITS. You see, at one point, I was one of these people with 5,000+ friends/followers, the majority of whom I didn’t know at all. That kind of exposure made me (and my communications with others) prone and susceptible to targeted attacks. I didn’t truly know who was who, which opened up more vulnerabilities than one can imagine! 


 Dan is the proud owner of his dad’s former business, Electrical Enterprise and Consulting, or EECons, as it’s known throughout the industry. Over the last several years, Dan and I have gone back and forth on numerous projects and computer/networking issues. He’s taught me a great deal, and I’m honored to be able to say I’ve taught him a few things too along the way! Ideally, we both believe we make a great pair, which is something neither of us find to happen very often. It’s even more strange given our complete opposite backgrounds! Several months ago, Dan took me on as a Systems Administrator for EECons, as he’s preparing to move across country and would like someone he can trust, that is close enough to get to the data center housing EECons’ servers. While most operations can easily be performed remotely, there are rare occasions manual operations must be performed at the physical location. When systems are mission critical, seconds can cost thousands! To know Danny has that level of trust in me is a great honor in and of itself.

 For decades, EECons has been providing clients of the medical, insurance, and financial industries throughout the US, with high-quality, affordable, reliable communications system solutions. Today, I’m honored to be a part of such a remarkable company. I was absolutely blown away when Dan proposed I move PITS Email over to EECons’ server. After kicking the idea around for a couple weeks, trying to do things on my own (while Dan set me up with [email protected] and had me using all of the cool features), I decided to take the leap. And man, am I glad I did! 

Partners, Privacy & Reasons to Love PITS:

 First, just the thought of my information being kept private gives me a piece of mind. Let’s face it. ALL successful relationships are build on trust. Trust is something that’s built over a period of time in a myriad of reasons. Most often, for someone to trust you, you have to have a proven history of keeping the things they share with you completely private. EECons has that proven history to make me comfortable in partnering up with them, so we can bring this amazing system to you!

 Second, I can’t believe the speed of the network! Because we’re a relatively small company, our lines aren’t flooded with traffic, allowing data to flow freely, rather than get bottle-necked and bounced around until it finds its way to its destination. Unlike the huge, free providers, PITS/EECons provides blazing fast, seamless integration across all of your mobile devices, keeping you in constant contact with those you communicate with.

 Third, because we’re a relatively small company, we’re not subjected to targeted attacks and hacking attempts, like the big, free providers. This adds a layer of security all to itself! While we make sure to employ all the latest security protocols and patches, and use various filtering techniques and firewalls, so that we’re protected in the event of an attack. As any and all computers that are exposed to the Internet are susceptible to attack, we’re simply not even on the radar for anyone to seek to attack us! This means you can rest assured knowing your email will get to its destination as expected! We also maintain a Grade-A rating with the spam lists, giving you a greater level of assurance in knowing that your email won’t end up in a spam folder!

 On top of that, we also handle Domain Name Registration and maintain a DNS service (for a very affordable fee), so we make it easy to get you the personalized domain you’ve always thought about! Think about it. [email protected], or [email protected] has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? We make it affordable enough to make that your reality!

 One last thing, and this is the thing that sold me, is the ability to send secure communications to people who use inferior service providers like Gmail and the rest of the Corporate Gang. For a nominal fee, and a small, one-time setup fee, this service can be added to any account hosted on our server. Unfortunately, we have to pay a licensing fee per domain, and therefore cannot offer this as a free add on. With this service, instead of your recipient opening a message containing text, they will open a message containing an image similar to the one below. The image will contain a link, which will route the recipient back to our servers to review and/or reply to the message. This ensures the data stays on our servers, away from prying eyes and those seeking to profit from it!

 As you can see, I can go on and on about the benefits of hosting your Email through PITS/EECons, but I think you get the point. If you would like to learn more, or already wish to purchase a hosting account, please give us a call (908-324-1637), or shoot us an email at [email protected]  today! You might just be thankful you did! We know we’re very thankful for the trust our clients have in us to deliver when it counts! We hope you will trust us too! 

So again, Happy Thanksgiving. The PITS Network is wishing you a happy, healthy, 2018 Holiday Season, and a safe, secure, and prosperous 2019! We hope to serve you soon!